Slogan of library

  • Save a Library = SAVE A LIFE
  •  Librarians always go by the book
  •  Librarians know how to check it out
  •  Librarians do it silently.
  •  Question authority. Ask a librarian.
  •  Libraries = Information Literacy
  •  School Libraries Combat Plagiarism
  •  School Libraries Foster Literacy
  •  School Libraries WORK!
  •  School Libraries = Good Citizens, Critical Thinkers, Life-Long Learners, Effective Communicators
  •  School Libraries = Good Citizens
  •  School Libraries = Critical Thinkers
  •  School Libraries = Life-Long Learners
  •  School Libraries = Effective Communicators
  •  School Libraries Make Connections
  •  Every student succeeds @ the library
  •  No use going to class unless you go to the library– Ray Bradbury
  •  Equity@your school library!
  •  School Librarians narrow the achievement gap
  •  Information Literate@your school library
  •  Reading Saves Lives — Save your school library!
  •  School Libraries Work 24/7
  •  Don’t UnDewey our Kids–Save School Libraries!
  •  Don’t UnDewey our Kids–Keep School Librarians.
  •  Cut School Libraries = Intellectual Famine
  •  Love Your Library
  •  Love Your Librarian
  •  Librarians Create Readers
  •  Teacher + Counselor + Books = Librarian
  •  A Library is not a Warehouse
  •  Support Literacy, Support Your Library
  •  Librarians: Planting the Seeds of Literacy
  •  Librarians Work!
  •  I love school libraries….and I vote!
  •  Information, Communication, Technology = School Librarian
  •  The Library’s Legacy: ACHIEVEMENT
  •  Save Our students, staff and stock the library
  •  Libraries + librarians = literacy!!
  •  Libraries: the people’s university
  •  My good looks = my parents; My quest for knowledge=Teacher Librarian
  •  Good looks=parents; Knowledge=School Librarian
  •  Who’s YOUR Teacher Librarian? *******
  •  Who’s YOUR School Librarian? *******
  •  Hitch my library to a rising STAR score
  •  School Librarians: an Endangered Species
  •  My [or Your] child deserves a school library
  •  Equal Access: School Libraries
  •  Cross the Digital Divide @ the School Library
  •  Improve Literacy; Fund School Libraries
  •  School Librarians: Information Access Specialists
  •  Libraries will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no libraries
  •  Librarians or Prisons? You choose
  •  Spend more on librarians than prisons
  •  Library Lovers Unite!
  •  Support your school library—it’s long overdue
  •  Got libraries?
  •  [heart] Your School Library
  •  I [heart] My School Library
  •  Don’t shelve your teacher librarian….
  •  Vote with your feet: Go to the library
  •  Renew: school library funding
  •  Remain a literate society: thank your librarian
  •  Archive Arnold
  •  California 2010. Fahrenheit 451?
  •  A book in time saves AYP
  •  Dis the digital divide: visit your library
  •  Read across America (and California)
  •  Librarians: Who you gonna call? CAHSEE busters!
  •  Call me CAHSEE, but I see a library in your future.
  •  Friend a school librarian
  •  Books: the original tweet!
  •  Remember: the book is always better
  •  Book Potatoes score high, Couch potatoes live virtual lives.
  •  Words rule! Learn one today.
  •  Librarians support lifelong learning. Live a little!
  •  Your school librarian teaches EVERY student
  •  School librarians teach EVERY student
  •  School librarians open doors to infinite knowledge
  •  School librarians open the doors to infinite learning
  •  Students count on their school librarian year after year
  •  School librarians are more than teachers
  •  School librarians are teachers too
  •  School librarians hold keys to the doors of knowledge.
  •  School librarians foster literacy and learning. Keep them in our schools.
  •  School librarians teach EVERY student
  •  Read. Think. Grow. Fund School Libraries.
  •  Save California School Libraries
  •  Prisons or Libraries- you choose!
  •  Libraries Lead Learning
  •  “When I read about the way in which library funds are being cut and cut, I can only think that American society has found one more way to destroy itself.” –Isaac Asimov
  •  Teacher Librarians help students make connections
  •  Don’t discard our libraries!

Status of Library (2015)

kendriya Vidyalaya, Ratlam Date-05/02/2015
Status of Library (2015)
Total no of Books 10086
Hindi Books 3510
English Books 3535
Dictionary / 25
Subject Reference Books 810
Reference/sam papers 409
Story Books 3362
General Books 1700
Encyclopedia 20
Text Books( I to XIIth) 719
New Purchase Books ( 2015) 1685
Periodical/Magzine- 24


“A library is not a building stacked with books – it is a repository and source of information and ideas, a place for learning and enquiry, and for the generation of thought and the creation of new knowledge.”

–National Knowledge Commission, 2005

Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS) is the premier institution which pursues excellence and sets the pace in the field of school education in the country by promoting national integration and a sense of ”Indianness” among the children while ensuring their total personality development and academic excellence. Kendriya Vidyalayas are in the fore front of integrating innovative ideas and up-to-date technologies in teaching and learning.

The libraries in Kendriya Vidyalayas are considered as the nerve centres of knowledge which serve the students and staff members with needed information resources and act as vital partners in the collaborative learning activities.  The role of libraries in the academic achievement of students is indisputable. In the present 21st century learning environment, students need to be equipped with essential skills that make them effective seekers, evaluators and creators of information available in myriad formats.

The KVS Library Policy 2014 is aimed at developing a working framework and to guide the librarians and administrators for the effective organization and management of library systems in Kendriya Vidyalayas all over the country. It provides guidelines to establish school libraries with relevant resources, user oriented services and modern technologies. The Policy intents to equip the students and staff members with the information literacy skills required to face the challenges of the emerging knowledge society. These guidelines are formulated based on the previous KVS Library Policy (2008), CBSE: Organizing School Libraries Manuel (1998), IFLA/UNESCO School Library Guidelines (2002), National Curriculum Framework (2005) National Knowledge Commission recommendations on Libraries (2008) and a number of other international school library guidelines.