Slogan of library

  • Save a Library = SAVE A LIFE
  •  Librarians always go by the book
  •  Librarians know how to check it out
  •  Librarians do it silently.
  •  Question authority. Ask a librarian.
  •  Libraries = Information Literacy
  •  School Libraries Combat Plagiarism
  •  School Libraries Foster Literacy
  •  School Libraries WORK!
  •  School Libraries = Good Citizens, Critical Thinkers, Life-Long Learners, Effective Communicators
  •  School Libraries = Good Citizens
  •  School Libraries = Critical Thinkers
  •  School Libraries = Life-Long Learners
  •  School Libraries = Effective Communicators
  •  School Libraries Make Connections
  •  Every student succeeds @ the library
  •  No use going to class unless you go to the library– Ray Bradbury
  •  Equity@your school library!
  •  School Librarians narrow the achievement gap
  •  Information Literate@your school library
  •  Reading Saves Lives — Save your school library!
  •  School Libraries Work 24/7
  •  Don’t UnDewey our Kids–Save School Libraries!
  •  Don’t UnDewey our Kids–Keep School Librarians.
  •  Cut School Libraries = Intellectual Famine
  •  Love Your Library
  •  Love Your Librarian
  •  Librarians Create Readers
  •  Teacher + Counselor + Books = Librarian
  •  A Library is not a Warehouse
  •  Support Literacy, Support Your Library
  •  Librarians: Planting the Seeds of Literacy
  •  Librarians Work!
  •  I love school libraries….and I vote!
  •  Information, Communication, Technology = School Librarian
  •  The Library’s Legacy: ACHIEVEMENT
  •  Save Our students, staff and stock the library
  •  Libraries + librarians = literacy!!
  •  Libraries: the people’s university
  •  My good looks = my parents; My quest for knowledge=Teacher Librarian
  •  Good looks=parents; Knowledge=School Librarian
  •  Who’s YOUR Teacher Librarian? *******
  •  Who’s YOUR School Librarian? *******
  •  Hitch my library to a rising STAR score
  •  School Librarians: an Endangered Species
  •  My [or Your] child deserves a school library
  •  Equal Access: School Libraries
  •  Cross the Digital Divide @ the School Library
  •  Improve Literacy; Fund School Libraries
  •  School Librarians: Information Access Specialists
  •  Libraries will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no libraries
  •  Librarians or Prisons? You choose
  •  Spend more on librarians than prisons
  •  Library Lovers Unite!
  •  Support your school library—it’s long overdue
  •  Got libraries?
  •  [heart] Your School Library
  •  I [heart] My School Library
  •  Don’t shelve your teacher librarian….
  •  Vote with your feet: Go to the library
  •  Renew: school library funding
  •  Remain a literate society: thank your librarian
  •  Archive Arnold
  •  California 2010. Fahrenheit 451?
  •  A book in time saves AYP
  •  Dis the digital divide: visit your library
  •  Read across America (and California)
  •  Librarians: Who you gonna call? CAHSEE busters!
  •  Call me CAHSEE, but I see a library in your future.
  •  Friend a school librarian
  •  Books: the original tweet!
  •  Remember: the book is always better
  •  Book Potatoes score high, Couch potatoes live virtual lives.
  •  Words rule! Learn one today.
  •  Librarians support lifelong learning. Live a little!
  •  Your school librarian teaches EVERY student
  •  School librarians teach EVERY student
  •  School librarians open doors to infinite knowledge
  •  School librarians open the doors to infinite learning
  •  Students count on their school librarian year after year
  •  School librarians are more than teachers
  •  School librarians are teachers too
  •  School librarians hold keys to the doors of knowledge.
  •  School librarians foster literacy and learning. Keep them in our schools.
  •  School librarians teach EVERY student
  •  Read. Think. Grow. Fund School Libraries.
  •  Save California School Libraries
  •  Prisons or Libraries- you choose!
  •  Libraries Lead Learning
  •  “When I read about the way in which library funds are being cut and cut, I can only think that American society has found one more way to destroy itself.” –Isaac Asimov
  •  Teacher Librarians help students make connections
  •  Don’t discard our libraries!

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